Friday, July 01, 2005

Ca Commence

I think George Lucas could learn a few things about making a decent prequel from Mr Christopher Nolan.

I have just been to see Batman Begins and it was FABULOUS!

I loved it.

I have to say bits of it were a little bit scary and this wuss had to shut her eyes when the scarecrow got nasty! It was a far cry from tha lovable bundle of straw in the Wizard of Oz!

Christian Bale was an excellently moody dark hero but the whole show was stolen by Michael Caine as Alfred. I heard Caine talking on Steve Wright about the film and he says he based Alfred on his first Sergeant in the army. He was just wonderful and had all the best lines (except one!) I particularly liked...

"All those bloody press-ups and you can't lift a b****y log"

However Batman also had some excellent things to say about anger, justice and vengeance.

Aside from the bizarre Quigon Jin flashbacks when Liam Neesom was telling the young Bruce Wayne about the power of anger.

Bruce Wayne is challenged to think about the difference between justice and revenge. One serves harmony the other serves self.

Katie Holmes, playing Rachel Dawes Bruce's childhood playmate, delivered a great line as well:

"It's not what you are on the inside that matters. It's what you do that defines you."

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