Saturday, July 23, 2005

Full Blooded plot

Ok so I've finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


I won't make any comment as I hate to spoil books for people.



Mark said...

Shouldn't you be working or studying or something!? ;-)

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...




607/607 pages of Harry Potter read

41/105 pages of Mark Earey's Liturgucal Worship read for tomorrow


Mark said...

Mind you... I just finished it too ;-) Disapointing...

amongst the flaws.... like the last one the pace seems all wrong, too slow and overdescriptive for the first 3/4 then the last 1/4 feels rushed and detail skimmed... she is not only repeating herself but one whole section reads like a reject from TLOTR... i.e. just like it but no where near as well thought out/written - puzzles too easily solved, monsters too easily overcome etc. ... too much focus on "teenage problems" not enough on character development
She seems to have run out of steam after book 4.
Saying that I did keep reading and will read the last one if only for a sense of completion