Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Girls are from Mars...?

One of the male teenagers I work with has blogged something on the way that girls treat guys.

I found it very illuminating and thought those in youth work would also be interested. As might those doing adolescence for their SAOMC essay!

Sexism, SterioTyping + Lies

I am just sick of hearing girls slagging boys off, what have we done to them,
Nd all the sayings Everyones gotta assume thatthe boy is cheating
I mean all the songs from like destinies Child is bout Guys Cheating on girls nd how they lie

Yes I aint one sided here, guys do cheat on girls yes some guys are dicks and will lie
But most dont, so why do girls have to steriotype the guys into summing bad?
Yet when the profe that the nice guys do exist in your life right next to you
You dont wanna take it in. Why do boys diserve this?

What Have we done? Yet all of us are cheaters who just want sex, and nothing else
When was the last time a girl came and sat down and talked to me bout summing without it somehow turning into summing sexual. Girls then also lie alot more than guys i mean in a realtionship

The Guy is more open about it, nd the girl is not and wont open her feelings and talk about everything

Afriad It will hurt us? Well u know it hurts more knowing that u keep secrets from us.
+ We wil find out, we aint as stupid as we look either. On the surface we may look simple but we are much more complex, most of the boys i know are even more emtional than girls.
We have more hobbies than girls i mean like we have sports technology, Transport all kinda things
But what are girls into? Makeup and Shopping to make them selfs look good, for who? the cat?
Its guys they dress up for, Even when they have a boyfriend / Husband They still ahve a thought that someone nicer, more hansome might be there. That makes us feel great dont it, knowing the only reason
You dress up for to look nice for Guys.

Nd This is a Proven Fact that Girls Sleep around more boys in Relationsships
Nd all the boys cheat do they?
For that reasoni know why girls dont tell their feelings cos they never are 100% for one guy.
Theres always someone else. they wont talk about. Yet they deny it you can still tell
When was the last thing u saw slagging of woman? But theres Plenty Slaggiung of Guys
Oh What Jerk we are, Why? Just cos you slept round nd they guy caught you nd dumped you?
Nd then they dont know how they feel?!?! Whats going on eh?
One day they love you another they dont? Nd they dont even have a reason for it!
PLease i wanna understand this someone explan,
But no girl will cos they wont say what they are really thinking
What they are really feeling.
Thats about all i gotta say But please remeber if i didt make it clear ::


Cecilia said...

Help? I'm a girl. Can I actually comment in here?

Anonymous said...

Geez, I must be getting old as I'm having trouble decoding some of this...

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Of course you can comment.

As for decoding - sorry I wanted to leave it in the original rather than edit it.

Anonymous said...

Hey I rote it, nd i think its pretty simple by what i mean there