Thursday, June 30, 2005

The meeting of minds

Here is further evidence of why it is so much more interesting being on a "committee" made up of young people. Ok so we may not have got as much done as we shoud have but most committees get sidetracked into some bizarre tangential irrelevancies; it's just that ours are funny!

So herewith are the minutes as taken by some of the young people and with only one deletion (to save your sensebilities!) and before you ask... no I do not understand all of it!

Youth Task group

Invite, VIC, Kate on to youth council
Consider Emily to come onto youth council
Also consider, Heather, Brenda, Pete, Lydia

Should the youth be on any other task groups
Finance and stewardship
Mission and outreach
Worship and music
Social responsibility


Occasionally 2 people can go to either mission and outreach or worship and music

NEXT TIME : Wheelie chairs
Meeting Tuesday 6th September!

Film night ideas:

Meet the fockers
Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
NOT Mr & Mrs Smith
**Ask people at pulse about Films**

Respect the Squirrels


I’m in a huff
+ angry
No drumming, again may vote at pulse

Film night
• Kingdom of heaven
• Mr and Mrs Smith OR NOT
• Starwars

Who’s seen the advert with the laughing man?
I Love that advert!!!!
Me 2
Woooooo Go us


Christmas eve party
Need to check dates about christingle

ME like you

Christmas stuff
Carol singing
(8) Shine Jesus Shine (8)

Theme park going
Bowling at the us air base

Me Me Mi Mo

Lorenzo expert at creeping in the back door

NEWS FLASH: Sarah looks like the grinch

Names for benders XP band thingy

Kung-Fu Hussle
XBeat – Sux monkey tail
Logoable, and funkyable
New XP
XP Update
Randy McRider

Is Sarah the real Grinch?
October Fest!!!!!
Xp the 15th in Octomister
15th Sarah is away, because someone is dressing in white
Swapping xp and Pulse

Oh My Starry eyed surprise, sun down to sun rise we gunna dance all night to this DJ

Live in a Tree and be happy (Thx to Becky)
Too much talking not enough Sign language

Good ideas of letting people leave when they want to
Having a discussion after would, voluntarily
Youth doing testimonials, in the Discussion time

Need to find a date for mural painting
Another Weekend away PLEASE
Idea for activity at Weekend away – Let youth build tents or shelter.
Another youth hostel!

Yet another Monday

If want to be here and you want to be late – the best thing you can do is get lost on the way

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Oli G said...

Woooooooooooooo Go God
That Rocked you should let me be secuterry more often
Is it me or do squerells not get enough respect?