Saturday, July 23, 2005

Rapid time movement

Can't believe it was only a week agao that I was in Hyde Park listening to R.E.M. Now you can listen to it online for seven days. Wish I could keep it somehow :o(

Maybe they'll do a live album of it.

It's taken me right back there.

I can still feel that wonderful smiling face and gentle evening sunshine during The One I love :oD a really positive "life is good" moment of feeling connected to God, connected to people and content within myself and my life. It brings it back just listening to it. Wow!

(oh and time does indeed fly - I feel rather old this evening as my next door neighbours got broken into and the police came round. I have reached that age of thinking "blimey police officers have got young!")

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simo said...

I know that thing about feeling old, when my mum was in hospital it wasn't just the nurses looking young, but the doctors, even one specialist looked quite young!