Wednesday, July 20, 2005


For one of the sessions on the Youth Holiday I want a load of statements from different people.

Can I please ask EVERYONE who sees this post to add a comment which completes this sentence:


Go on you know you want to. Even those of you who have NEVER commented and yet seem to look in fairly often - you KNOW who you are!!! (But I don't, curiously enough!)


Chas said...

Because we have to? Sorry to be a bit negative, especially with the first comment (it can only get better), but I do tend to see worship as a chore rather than a pleasure. Maybe if the vicar chose some contemporary songs ...

ben said...

he deserves it.

Rob said...

I want to and most of the time need to

EasyRew said...

...because no-one else is worthy of it.

...because that's what I was created to do.


Kristofer said...

Because he is worthy of it and we are created to do it.

Believers' wear

Tractor Girl said...

a) I want to show God how much I love him
b) I know it's the right thing to do
c) I've been culturally conditioned to do so
Which of these applies depends on how I'm feeling, bearing in mind I think worship relates to how we live life generally, not just praise on a Sunday morning.

(Sorry more of an essay than a statement).

Tim Sudworth said...

he is (very old testament)

simo said...

… our purpose in life is only completed through our relationship with him and worship is the basis of our relationship acknowledging who he is and what he has done.

nessa said...

because it reminds me that i am not the centre of or greatest thing in the universe, He is. but also that once i know what the greatest thing in the universe is (Him) then worshiping him helps me to aspire to be better, as good as i can be. but it also reminds me of who he is, and that even though he has the *right* to condemn me when i don't manage to be as good as him, that he is gracious enough not to. which is something worthy of worship.

sorry for the rambling answer. could you expect anything else from me?

Kathryn said...

Becuase, in an uber l'oreal way, God's worth it.
Because coming into God's presence in worship reminds me of the amazing story that God has written - and it blows my mind to think that I'm part of it.
Becuase it reminds me why I love God.
Because worshipping God grounds me, who I am, why I do things. Worship gives me hope, gives me purpose and a reassurance. Worship enables me to be, to serve, and challenges me to change and inspires me to want to be more faithful.

I guess, in a nutshell, worship is the fuel that fires my faith?

It does not, however, help my grammer.

Anonymous said...

...because he loved me first!

Good luck!

anneberit ;)

Anonymous said...

Because when you look at God and just begin to understand something of who He is, it is the only response.

Anonymous said...

it's Choir Practice for eternity...

Barrie said...
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Barrie said...

He knows all my thoughts
He sees through my skin
And still he comes to me

He walks on waves
He runs with clouds
He paints the sky
for me to see
His majesty
His majesty is why I sing!

(Jason Morant - Love Song)

Dave said...

Because of all the good things there are in the world.

I would like to make a confession. I might have popped in here yesterday without leaving a comment. Looking at blogs when you are supposed to be working is a moderate sin, but commenting on blogs when you should be working is a moderate to severe sin. Do you see?