Sunday, July 17, 2005


Concert last night was FANTASTIC

Just what I needed to bring out my inner Tigger!

I didn't actually swing straight from Eeyore to Tigger in fact. It was a gradual process that was kicked off by me finding a new minibus for the youth holiday! Rather a tense time on Thursday and Friday when we just didn't have one - eek!

However I have totaly confirmed that I'm an extrovert. I was walking back through the crowd to get to the bar and I was just SO energised by seeing all the people. It was wonderful.

We got to hear some great music but actually the whole vibe of the place of people being positive and hopeful and expectant. There was this haze of positive energy shining around with the sunshine.

I went with Ami and some of her friends and their friends. It was a really mixed group. Several of us had never met the others so it was a real get to know you time as we sat on the grass in Hyde Park first under the baking sun and then under the ever-changing sky of the encroaching evening.

I have pictures of that time but I'm afraid I was too busy jumping, swaying and whooping later on!

We then went back for drinks at Russ's place and so we didn't get back to High Wycombe until 2 am but it was SO worth it. It was even worth leaving Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at home unopened. I shall be beginning that shortly!

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