Saturday, July 02, 2005


Have been LOVING the Live8 concert - of course - U2 and Paul McCartney - just genius. Joss Stone rocked, Madonna - wow - ROBBIE WILLIAMS he's JUST superb.

However I have to say the highlight for me has to be the moment when Bob Geldof introduced the child who was filmed 20 years ago and is now taking her agricultural exams because of the money raised by Live Aid.

Seeing this tangible evidence of what can be achieved really struck home for me. Ok let's be honest... it brought tears to my eyes.

Live 8 isn't about some imagined horror. It's about reality. Real people. It's down to us in this powerful developed country to fight for the rights of those who need to fight for their own survival.

So to Gordon Brown, to Tony Blair to all those powerful leaders meeting in Scotland this week, you know what we want: MAKE POVERTY HISTORY.

To register your support you can sign up to the petition or even better you can upload your photo to be included in the gallery they'll have at Edinburgh. This is now up and running (well with a few glitches but be persistent!)

Just a moment though.... is that Rolf from the Muppets???

oh no... it's Razorlight - my mistake!

Pictures from the BBC

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