Monday, July 11, 2005

Yellow Braces 05

Well SIX accident report sheets later.... YB 05 is over :o(

Seriously though it was the BEST ever!

Such a wonderful group of young people, an AMAZING team, some amazing worship and a real feeling of a community being sent out!

Youthblog has managed something vaguely coherent earlier today which was before I finally emerged from under the duvet.

The only thing I can think of is a brief "awards nomination"

For receiving the most nicknames in one week the award goes to Aidan/Sasquatch/Squishy/Squashy/Splashy/Sas.

For temerity in the grip on a walkie talkie the award goes to Amy.

For randomness of early morning confusion the award goes to Kathryn "Max Bygraves?" Campbell.

For unbelievably tidiness, early rising and being packed up ALREADY the award goes to Yvonne "the mummy" Morris.

For endurance in the face of extreme tiredness in the face of illness the award goes to Ian.

Any more suggestions?

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