Tuesday, February 01, 2005

World gone heart-shaped

Ok I can understand that there are in this world some people who enjoy the prospect of a floral delivery, a box of chocolates and a plethora of cards on the 14th February but do the rest of us normal mortals (who will expect nothing more than yet ANOTHER invitation to apply for a credit card to arrive in the post box) really have to endure TWO WHOLE WEEKS of the world turned all hearts and flowers???


KT said...

Even those of us who may or may not be receiving the customary chocolates and flowers (and I'm really not - Nick has better things to spend his money on) are sick of hearts and flowers everywhere. more commercialism. as soon as christmas is over easter eggs are out, as soon as easter is over the barbeque forks will line the 'seasonal' aisle, and as soon as the sun comes out all the bikinis and charcoal will be replaced by tinsle and santa hats. grrrr.

uh oh, cynical and not yet 20....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm sorry I disappointed you with my new blog template! :( Valentine's Day has been pretty sucky for me too ... I'm just in it for the chocolate!!! :)


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Hey Michelle!

Sorry mate - it was just I KNEW I was about to type this post as a had a look at your blog. It does look lovely really!

You never know we might just get some chocolate!

Sarah xx

Rik said...

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Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Thank you! Though this comlimenting thing isn't enough to make me love the hearts and flowers of Valentine's you know! ;oP