Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Things that make you go hmmmm

There are certain things in life, you may have noticed, that make you realise that despite all the VERY mature external things in life, deep down, you're just a big kid dressed up as an adult. For me these have recently been:

1. Sitting over breakfast as people are discussing theology and the Eucharist over their grapefruit, muesli and croissant... while I tuck into coco pops and boiled egg with dippy soldiers!

2. Setting up a labyrinth which involved filling a sand tray so we could put footprints in it... and wanting to make a sandcastle!

3. Finding yet ANOTHER jar of chocolate spread is nearly finished.

4. Defending the fact that jelly is COOL and a proper food stuff to my colleagues.

5. Being in a pancake race... and discussing tactics which involved the words "and then just leg it!"

6. Pulling a face when someone tried to make me eat nasty manky runny soup (the flavour of which was never discovered!)

Any other experiences people?


Cecilia said...

LOL. Bizarre day for you today perhaps. Sarah!

You're making me go hmmmm....

*greets you with cheesy smile and with crossed eyes*

Anonymous said...

Being invited to a Jelly baby party

Being at a conference and enjoying the half hour after breakfast to play on my skateboard in the car park

Singing along to 80's songs in the car

laughing out loud in public

knowing I've promised to help my daughter build a new den tomorrow and really looking forward to it!

Youthblog bloke

KT said...

1. Buying colouring pencils and felt tips from Woolworths

2. Discovering Soph's flatmate has audio clips of the care bears, charlie chalk and my little pony theme tunes (and other childhood memories)

3. Being called a 'silly sausage' by ones nearest and dearest

4. Sitting here eating 'percy pig' sweets from M&S

dreaming-neko said...

this is a bit late, but i just wanted to wish you a happy valentines' day! :)