Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Through the eyes of LOVE...

Well I gave you a little something a bit lighter but I'm afraid the stuff from the Matrix conference is STILL making my head buzz with ideas.

Also my bible study this morning referenced to a passage that I looked at with new eyes after the insights of Tony Campolo. In the Gospel of John, we're told that Jesus said to his disciples:
"I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last, so that the FATHER WILL GIVE YOU WHATEVER YOU ASK IN MY NAME." John 15.16

Now a lot of people over the years have taken this as the ultimate open wishlist but Campolo's invitation to be IN CHRIST brings, for me, a whole new meaning to this. It is not tha, by asking in Christ's name that the Father will give us whatever we ask, it is, rather, when we put ourselves in the mind of Christ and pray that we get, not what WE want but what we ask, which is of course what Christ wants.

When he wastalking about looking through the eyes of Christ, Campolo made reference to the Catholic use of stations of the cross. The labyrinth we have set up in All Saints' is based on this same concept and follows Christ through the Easter story. It is still not quite finished but I have a few pics to give you a taster.

The journey begins with the celebrity of Palm Sunday symbolised here by the bright colours of clothes Jesus would have seen laid down before him as he entered Jerusalem, the palm crosses and the photo mad lifestyle magazines of today.

We also follow Christ to see the water that Pilate used to wash his hands of the guilt of Jesus' persecution.

Another image on the journey of Christ is the pile of nails. A painful reminder that to look through the eyes of Christ is to feel the pain Christ feels.

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