Friday, February 18, 2005

Smartie PANTS

This is truly an annus horribilis!

Not only have we had to face up to the shocking truth that Nestle now owns Rowntree and therefore anyone boycotting Nestle must boycott SMARTIES :o( NOW we hear this morning that they are going to CHANGE the Smarties packaging. The Smarties TUBE is going!

They're going to have some hideous hexatube and the plastic lid with the letter of the alphabet is going too!

It truly is a sad day.


Cecilia said...


As long as they don't change the wonderful flavor of Smarties!

KT said...

have you only just noticed that Nestle took over Rowntrees? it was aaaaaaaaaages ago!!

sorry to say - i don't like smarties anyway. M&Ms are much nicer