Monday, February 21, 2005

Let it snow

O the weather outside is... well NOT FRIGHTFUL!

I joined last night with Pete's sentiment of excited expectation at the prospect of snow today.

However I'm lazing about at home on my day off (having decided that travelling anywhere unnecessary would be daft with the forecast) and yet... well there is NO SNOW here.

There was something that cannot event be called a flurry of stuff that was so small it looked like rain. The Eskimo people must have a word for it (they have - how many words for snow is it??)

Looking at the silver lining though - the news has just said that snow IS COMING later. Shame really. I was hoping to have some to play in today. Now it might actually be inconvenient tomorrow especially for those peopel travelling here for the Community Missioner interviews and those driving them around the town on tours.

1 comment:

simo said...

We have snow!
read about it on my blog. BTW i'm ready to come out of hiding now Sarah!