Monday, February 28, 2005

London BABY!

My plans this morning were to go to Canterbury and build a FANTASTIC snowman with my friend Craig because there was LOTS OF SNOW down in Kent.

Trouble was...there was LOTS OF SNOW down in Kent so all the trains from London got cancelled. So there I was in London. At first I was grumpy that there would be no snowman building but then I remembered that I LOVE wandering around London.

I ambled from Charing Cross to Trafalgar square where the sunshine was just glorious:

Then I wandered towards the Church House bookshop via Whitehall and caught the news headlines!

Yes the guys from Fathers for Justice were out again. This time on the corner of Downing Street (which I tried to get in the shot but failed)

Then I went to Westminster Abbey and had another look at the new statues over the West door

with a particular focus on Dietrich Bonhoeffer as I am just reading Life Together and I've also, today, purchased The Cost of Discipleship.

A very picturey day really!

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