Friday, February 04, 2005

Prayer request

Just heard frommy friend Ben that his uni has been celebrating SHAG week and is rounding off the whole week with a Porn Party on Saturday night.

Can our society reach any greater depths?

The Catholic Society at the uni are going to be offering an alternative event and would appreciate your prayers now in their planning and on the night.

They've been focussing on the following bible passages:
Psalm 2
Wisdom 19
John 1

So please if you can spare five minutes to think or pray for them I know it would be appreciated.

God bless


Cecilia said...

Count me in for praying, sweetie.

Bless you, angel.

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

College life is getting out of hand. Another boy just died from a drinking binge--but it was WATER. Yes, he was forced to drink several gallons on a dare from the fraternity that he was pledging to, and he died.

Matthew61 said...

I'll keep your request in mind as well. I like your blog and what you have to say. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you all so much for your
> prayers. It was an amazing evening. We basically
> held a prayer vigil in the chapel opposite the union.
> We spent a few hours praying for them and for our
> protection. There was a wonderful sense of the Holy
> Spirit, one person there just had a picture at one
> point of a cloud just coming down in the room and then
> rolling out all over us. We could literally feel the
> joy that God was experiencing through our prayer. We
> knew that God would answer our prayers. It was
> wonderful.
> a group of us wandered around outside for about an
> hour praying for people as we saw them, but we didn't
> feel prompted to speak to any of them just to pray for
> them and bless them as they were going in, to bind the
> spirits around them and ask for their protection.
> There were some who we felt needed specific prayer so
> we came together and prayer for them together.
> At about 12 we just felt that it should come to an end
> so we went back into the chapel to pray for everyone
> in the union again, and for those who had particularly
> stood out to us. It was a wonderful evening and i
> thank God that he used us in this way.
> Thank you all so much for all your prayers. We really
> got the sense as well that this is just the beginning
> of something so please continue to pray for the
> picture to continue to form.
> Thank you again
> Godbless
> Ben