Friday, February 11, 2005

Post.... ironic

Well having had great intentions to borrow some wi-fi time from Agent K and Ian at the Matrix conference I was instead busy recruiting new bloggers once again!!! So welcome to Pete Maidment and Simo as well as, potentially in the future, to Tim (You KNOW you want to mate!)

Furthermore I got a chance to meet Roy - as we knew we would - but we also met up again with Alice which was VERY cool. I was also introduced to some of those I've seen on the blogroll of others like Jonny Baker and Pete Leveson so they will be joining my blogosphere ranks shortly too. Blogging featured quite heavily overall really both in the topic of conversation, as a starting point for introductions and in the act of blogging itself.

It was a curious sight to see a group of youthworkers all sitting around with their coffee and laptops in front of them, communicating with and about blogs when, in fact, they could have spoken to each other. How like some young people eh? Yet it WAS communication and no less effective than speaking (which we did do plenty of too!)

When I see young people communicating by text and msn and email and discussion boards and pretty much anything except face to face chat I personally see it as a positive thing. These young people ARE communicating. They're not plugged into games or the TV. Even more than that, this kind of communication is far better than those who speak to each other and yet do NOT communicate; those who exchange platitudes instead of exchanging stories, ideas and beliefs.

The boundary of the blogosphere, like the universe, is expanding and expanding! Long may it continue.

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Anonymous said...

Amen sister!! And I haven't been able to stop reading everyone's blogs since I got back!! (much to my mother's annoyance who says I should be talking to her!)