Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The more it snows...tiddely pom

Well I'd be lying if I didn't say I was excited because it had SNOWED last night before I went to sleep and this morning it's STILL HERE.

However we have got rather woossy SOUTHERN snow!

According to my housemate there was a little more when she left for work at a SCARY time of the morning but right now it looks pretty but not dangerous to drivers.

So no sledging today but... I've got a full day of interviewing people anyway so I'm not FREE to go sledging!

Looks pretty but isn't dangerous... the best of both worlds!


dreaming-neko said...

wow, snow!
i haven't seen the stuff for 11 years now. it's tough living on a tropical island... :(

PA said...

Snow... you should live here. We get the stuff all the time. Almost a foot since Friday! What's your address, I'll mail you some!

Cecilia said...

It's beautiful, isn't it? Although it frightens me as a driver as well.

It has been snowing here but it has also quickly melted. The view from our office window is spectacular with the flurries blowing in all directions.

Enjoy the snow! At least, frolic around. ;)

anne berit said...

enjoy!! :D
Here the sun is shining and I'm so happy about that.