Saturday, February 05, 2005

Another day in Paradise

Many years ago when I myself was a young person, we went with a group to Iona. There we focussed on the homeless and were asked to do a little sketch based a bit on the good Samaritan.

We came up with different ways that people walking passed a homeless person on the street could react.

They could give money, give food, kick them, ignore them, hug them, take them with them.

When it came to put the sketch together (with Phil Collins' Another Day in Paradise in the background - yes it WAS that long agao!) people suggested that I was the most likely to give the homeless person a hug. I was rather shocked by this and have always felt rather guilty that in fact I DON'T do that. I try to give food when I have it but never money when I see someone begging. I try never to ignore them but I have never hugged a homeless person.

Well tonight I am working in a homeless shelter. It will be interesting to see what happens!


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Misty M. Johnson said...

I am glad that I found this blog. I will be back often to keep updated!