Tuesday, December 14, 2004

We Tree Kings

Mike, Wayne and I decorated my Christmas tree this evening and I must say it looks FABULOUS. This is no surprise as the baubles were positioned with much greater precision and meticulous care than usual. Mike spent ages putting the lights on and Wayne acted as the tree ornament police not allowing two ornaments on the same branch!

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It was also handy having a tall person to put up the decorations in high places as my step ladder went walkabout at the church hall a couple of months ago.

However the transatlantic divide kicked in when we were listening to carols to "the usual tune" or "not the usual tune" depending on your country of origin! It's amazing how wedded we are to the things of our upbringing. We like thngs the way we have known them. This also came out in the "star first" or "star last" debate. Our family has ALWAYS put up a particular star before any other decoration and always put the star on the top of the tree before any other tree decorations. Mike said his family always put it on last and I INSISTED that the star HAD to go on first. Yet when he pressed me for a reason I REALLY couldn't think of one other thna some vague muttering about the Star of Bethlehem. I realise this was MY justification for why we always did it but I don't know if it was THE reason!!

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