Thursday, December 02, 2004

A voice in the wilderness

Well today has been a rather curious one as I've been off work with a hideous cold. I spent the entire morning sleeping fitfully and the afternoon resisting sleep so that I might have the chanc of sleeping tonight. My head is feeling much clearer now, most of the time but my throat is still horribly sore and my voice curiously changeable. It is quite unbearable not to know exactly what sounds is going to come out when I open my mouth. This must be what it's like for teenage boys when their voices break (though for a much briefer period I hope). Guys I don't know how you coped. It's truly unnerving.

As a result I have spent most of the day without talking (thank God for the joy of the occasional text!). Those of you who know me will have no difficulty unerstanding how much of a change this must be! Worse still, I am supposed to be preaching on Sunday morning and indeed singing with our church choir at the local theatre in the evening. Currently I can't envisage being able to do either but I remain hopeful. There is even less hope of me being able to be at all useful when I'm supposed to be visiting the Scouts tomorrow night!

Work commitments aside...

The worst thing is that I have to stop putting on CDs that I like a great deal as my inclination is to sing along to them and this only results in a poor rendition of the frog chorus and then protracted coughing.

For those of you wondering... yes I am VERY bad at being ill. I get extremely fractious and bored if I'm not up to reading, writing, talking or any of my other favourite pursuits! At least I can still listen to my friends' tales of variable blogness!

So anyone out there who's nearby, do pop round! Or you could call!!!

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