Friday, December 10, 2004

Non Angli sed Angeli

Ok I've had SOME feedback on the star from two of our flower arrangers. Now these must be ARTISTIC people, yeah? With an eye for design and style, wouldn't you think?

Well Liz and Pat thought the star looked good and were SHOCKED that anyone had dissed it.

Feeling pretty much better now.

Then I'm reminded of a rather unnerving fact... I volunteered to sing a solo at the Nine Lessons and Carols service next week. Eek! What was I thinking? I'm not BRAVE! 300 people and just me singing. Reading, sermon, making an idiot of myself doing a monster impression, admitting to a lifelong desire to be a pirate (that was in front of 500 actually!) all no problem... but SINGING? So why does singing make me so much more nervous than speaking? I'm not entirely sure but three or four years ago I would NEVER have done the solo but I've gradually gained in confidence for doing them. Though I am STILL nervous about it!

Well I've done it now. No backing out. It's a lovely tune in fact. Cool, funky medieval discordant thing. Just hope it's discordant in the right places!

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