Monday, December 27, 2004

Driving home for Christmas

After the morning service on Christmas day I drove my friend over to her family near Henley and then carried on to my brother's house in Abingdon. On my journey I had the privilege of seeing the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside on Christmas morning. It was so beautiful. Once in Abingdon my sister-in-law served us a most splendid Christmas dinner and we had a wonderful family day of presents and card games and chatter. Being a church youh worker I then had to drive back for our Sunday service yesterday and having rediscovered my car form the snowball that encased it I drove back through an even more picturesque frosted Christmas card scene. There were merry carols on the radio and then the news came on.


During my drive home I heard the dreadful news of the tidal wave in South East Asia. They thought thousands might have been killed but the numbers of confirmed deaths was then 500 in Sri Lanka alone. Later in the day it had risen to 2,000. Then 5,000. This morning I awoke to hear the figure was 10,000 and at lunchtime it was 20,000 now the BBC says 23,000. Words cannot describe the terrible times these people must be going through. The devastation, the not knowing who is alive and who is not. The clear up after this will be a long drawn out, painful and expensive process.

Words may fail us all at this time but at a time whe we have all been with our families or missing those who are not with us we can surely empathise with those people whose lives have been shattered over these last days. Yet more than that, at this time of giving we can spend a little less in the sales and send some of our great plenty to the vast need of these people.

The way to do that is through the Red Cross. You know you need to. So do it.

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