Thursday, December 09, 2004

Angles on the top of the tree

OK so this afternoon, the wonder that was the Blue-Peter-esque star, which I created out of three coat hangers, a rope light and a lot of frustraion, was finally attached to the top of the 5m tall Christmas tree we have in church.

There can't be many churches that can boast a "map of France" on the top of their tree. Yes indeed the "STAR" element of our tree topping is not entirely clear as a result of the difficulty in making rope light make an angle instead of a curve.

Although it didn't look exactly perfect, Hazel the Verger and I were rather please with our efforts (despite the large number of pine needles falling in our hair and sticking in our jumpers.

One difficulty with it is that the lights seem to return to "FLASHING" every time we switch them off, even if we LEAVE it set on "STEADY ON". This means that whenever we first switch it on it looks VERY tacky! Switching it off and on again does seem to make it change mode... sometimes. Oh dear.

However we have had some other feedback so far...

From one of my young people who was in playing the organ as we put up the star:
"It's ... modern!"

From a friend (ha!)
"Sarah I have never seen a more hideous adornment on a tree. Ever! It's tacky and oh my word it's FLASHING!"

From a diplomatic primary school teacher:
"It looks like a very young child has drawn a star and you have copied it in lights."

From another young person:
"It's er... brave!"

From another friend:
"I like the freehand shape BUT I think it would be better in just white. You could put it in your front window."

Indeed I LOVE my star, even if it is and maybe BECAUSE it is flawed. I will await further feedback and if it is all negative then it WILL be adorning my front window.

We're not putting the decorations up in my house until Monday anyway so the star has at least until then to receive judgements. Anyone wishing to view, please do pop in to All Saints'.

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