Saturday, December 11, 2004

Blog diss

I absolutely LOVE doing my blog. It gives me the chance to make sense of the day a little, to reflect on everything that has happened. I can cherish and rejoice over the good, untangle the mess of the rest and consider where I might improve on things if I can. Blogging also give me the opportunity to WRITE which is something I love very much and yet... and yet there are problems with blogging. So I will now, if I may diss the blog!

There are times in one's life when it is just NOT possible to blog away something that has happened. Times when the blog just isn't the place. Being a public medium, I simply can't write about EVERYTHING that happens, not only in my job but also in my personal life (or what there is of one, as someone in ministry!).

Of course, BEFORE I began blogging, I didn't have an opportunity to unpack stuff at all in this way and yet now that I DO have my blog, it is sometimes a little strange for me to be unable to use the blog for some things.

Today is one of those days. I have STUFF (as my young people would call it) that is just not bloggable and as is so often the case with STUFF it just gets in the way of the rest so I can't think of anything else to blog about. Even watching Cool Runnings with the young people has just left me NEARLY able to blog. There's a little blog tickling at the back of my brain but not materialising as yet.

Sorry guys... you'll have to wait. Anyway, the sermonette for tomorrow's all-age service calls. It may be on the SUBJECT of waiting but it can't wait any longer!

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