Monday, December 13, 2004

Sixpence none the richer

My bible study this morning was all about possessions and wealth. Certainly a good choice for the approach to Christmas. I left the house feeling relatively confident that I'm NOT that materialistic... but it went down hill from there really.

Firstly I got to drive my friend Mike's car which is a lovely sporty Honda. It was fabulous fun. 5 gears of "heavenly" power! I admit that getting into my sweet and much loved fiat panda really did feel a let down after that. Charlie (the car) is my pride and joy, a great down-to-earth sensible and reliable car despite much dissing by some people and a curious veneration as being COOL by some of the young people.

This feeling of being rather poor was dashed, however by a look at Care International's Rich List and discovered that there are 5,369,961,190 people poorer than me. Woah! I am, apparently the 630,038,810 richest person in the world in the top 10.5%. Somewhat humbling indeed.

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