Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Easy as pie

Well I am sitting in the living room covered in flour and surrounded by wrapping paper with the prospect of a "pass the parcel" to wrap still before me. However I am the proud creator of what must be some of the finest mince pies ever crafted by human hand! Four dozen of them too (less one - which broke I might add!) Unfortunately I have more to make tomorrow or on Thursday as we need some for our Crib service on Christmas Eve, some are for our most excellent verger (without whom Christmas would just not be happening at All Saints') and others are for friends and family as gifts.

This may not seem like much of a success to some but, for me, successfully making pastry which doesn't require water to paste it together and which actually tastes not only not disgusting but actully delicious is something of a success. I have always been apalling at making pastry. This apparently has something to do with having warm hands (though I've never thought they were that warm!) I had almost given up all hope of being able to make pastry when a few years ago I discovered that you can make pastry in a blender. I did succeed in making some at my parents' house with the blender there a long time ago but I hadn't been able to repeat this since I moved into my own place as I didn't have a blender. Now however, courtesy of the lovely Ami who gave me a blender for my birthday I have now been able to make a semblance of being a pastry chef! Thank you sweetie! I shall of course be bringing some round for you.

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