Monday, December 06, 2004

Canterbury Sales

Went to Canterbury today to see my friend Craig and do a bit of the ol' Crimbo shopping.

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Having thought I was well progressed in my purchases I sat down last night to look at what I had bought and realised I was nowhere near half done - oh dear!

However I made great progress today. I also managed not to buy anything for me (well nothing for me personally, I did pick up three youth work resources!!!)

The WORST thing about Christmas shopping has to be the fact that I cna't blog about any of the really cool things I bought cos I know some of the people they're for read this (some regularly, some from time to time).

All I CAN say is that Craig can testify to the total COOLNESS of the gifts for Kathryn and Colin and for Mark and Sarah!!!

Fellow bibliophiles will be pleased to hear that in my browsing through the second hand stock at SPCK, I managed to find a most EXCELLENT book about Randall Davidson for my friend who is studying the church in the First world war.
It's always really cool to find a book that is USEFUL and readable (to which I can attest as I read a lot of it on the train home). More on that in the next blog.

Youth workers out there may giggle (so Ian will be pleased!) when I say that I found a book from the 80s on PARISH YOUTH WORK. I thought I'd see how much things have changed!

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The 80's Rocked!