Monday, September 12, 2005

Sublime:ridiculous ratio

Ok so I blog about deep issues like the spirituality of blogging, the meaning of the Eucharist, the accessibility of worship to young people not used to church and much more and you read with some appreciation. I blog about jaffa cakes and you all go comment crazy!!!

I love you guys!

Nevertheless I am officially a SPIRITUAL PERSON (hehe!) according to a posting that gave me a link to a THESIS on blogging. Think on, eh? Here's what it's all about apparently


This study explores the patterns of blogging, blogging motivations, and the roles of motivations as well as demographics as predictors for blogging behavior. Six aspects of blogging behaviors are examined: 1) how bloggers cover topics in writing; 2) how bloggers manage feedbacks from readers; 3) how bloggers use hyperlinks; 4) how bloggers present themselves; 5) how bloggers expect readership; 6) how bloggers use design elements.

Seven motivations for blogging emerge in this research: self-documentation, improving writing, self-expression, medium appeal, information, passing time, and socialization. Except for passing time, all the other six motivations were highly approved by bloggers. Most of those motivations are moderately correlated.

Overall, certain motivations are found to be related with specific usage of blogs. Self-documentation is a predictor of feedback management, self-presentation, and readership expectation. Improving writing motivation works as a predictor for self-presentation and readership expectation. Self-expression predicts self-presentation, readership expectation, and design elements use. Medium appeal motivation predicts self-presentation. Information motivation predicts feedback management, use of hyperlinks, self-presentation, readership expectation, and design elements. Passing time motivation predicts self-presentation, design elements, and readership expectation. Socialization motivation predicts use of hyperlinks, self-presentation, and readership expectation.

Gender differences were located in many aspects of blogging. Men claim higher approval of information motivation while women endorse self-documentation, self-expression, and passing time more.

Other than gender, age also plays a role in motivating people to blog. Motivations as self-documentation, self-expression, and passing time have a negative relationship with age. Educational level was found no connection with specific blogging motivations.


Ami said...

Well, look at it this way: Jaffa cakes are theologically sound: they represent the Trinity. Stay with me here! Without any part of the Jaffa cake- it simply is not Jaffa cake. Without The Father, there is no Trinity, without the Son there is no Trinity, without the...well you see where I'm going. HEHE Sorry I had to think of some way the Jaff cake could be related!

Dave said...

I have a blog, at last.

Ami said...

Okay, so having read further down your blog, I realise that I am on same wave length as someone at Green Belt. How exciting! And I promise: cross my heart that I didnt read it before doing my comment! xx