Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oranges are the only fruit

After the less than perfect sermon last week I was pretty pleased with myself yesterday after a good talk to the young people at our youth club. As you know, I'd been wracking my brains about what to do to talk about community but I came up with something pretty special.

Firstly I talked about our community at our youth group and how we would be having a chance to discuss that further with some of the young people talking about their experiences of being in community. I said that the community was about the coming together of individuals and becoming something more. It was about sharing and growing from what we are as individuals to a community together.

Then I asked:

"Who'd like an Orange?" quite a few hands shot up and I gave away around 8 oranges.

Then I asked:

"Apart from those who already have oranges... Who'd like some cake?" Lots of hands shoot up ths time and a few of those with oranges make slight objections along the lines of "I din't know there'd be cake!" Of course there were some who preferred the orange anyway (and some who loudly proclaimed that they did but were probably kicking themselves realy, bless em!)

I looked around the circle of people with cake and grinning faces and some people with oranges with grinning faces and a couple of decidedly grumpy faces of people with oranges.

Then I asked
"Apart from those of you who already have oranges and cake..." slight groan from some of the cake people, slight grins from those who had oranges with a note of "aaaah so u haven't go the best deal after all, hah!"

"Apart from thos people, who'd like some chocolate?" MUCH grinning on the part of those sensile enough to hold out! LOTS of objection from people with oranges and some form people with cake.

So I let them eat what they had and I said:

"The thing is that oranges and cake and chocolate are all great things. Each one of you is like cake or orange or chocolate. You're all great. Yet as great as oranges, cake and chocolate are on their own, when they come together they can be something SO much better..."

A certain hush descends...

I bring out a plain cardboard box and say:
"Just as when each of us come together to form our youth group so when you put together oranges, cake and chocolate you can get: JAFFA CAKES"


"And because Jaffa cakea are what you get when you put together oranges, cake and chocolate... everybody gets one!"


A slight tip of the hat to Wayne Grewcock who suggested the Jaffa cake as a symbol of the Holy Trinity at his session at Greenbelt.


moog said...

MMmmmmmm jaffa cakes

like the idea!

I'm sure there is probably some analogy to use with the many ways of eating them too. Did you ever pick off all the chocolate, then peel off the orangey marmalade before ending with the cake base?

Kathryn said...

There are other ways to eat jaffa cakes?!

simo said...

Fantastic i shall have to nick this idea!
I find nibbling round the edges, bitting the spong off the bottom and just being left with the tangy orrange and a bit of plain chocolate is best, yummy, just popping off to the shops!

Barrie said...

Mmmmm... Jaffa Cakes, my wife's favourite.
Mmmmm... Community - my theme for XCulture Cafe on Sunday.
Mmmmm... Sarah, I'm pinching your idea!

Rowan said...

you're making me crave jaffa cakes now. I've got a brother heh! I always wanted one. Elspeth looked fab :D We need tea soon, cos i leave in *sniff* 2 weeks! scary biscuits!

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm a big advocate of the one hit approach not faffing around with eating an element of the cake at a time.
Is it just me or are Rasberry "jaffa cakes" just plain wrong?

simo said...

i have to agree with youthblog, WRONG! it's a waist of good chocolat and sponge and people who eat them should be ashamed of themselves!

EasyRew said...

Thanks Sarah - I was drafted in at very short notice to open our Boys' Brigade promotions evening tonight with a short talk. With another youth talk floating around in my head for this weekend, and a sermon slowly forming for the next Sunday, I was pretty stuck for inspiration (keen not to repeat the message at any of these three events). I was also looking for something which would be relevant/meaningful from the youngest boy (5) to the oldest parent (50ish I guess) and everyone in between.

I used the oranges/cake/chocolate motif and changed the message slightly. I had a fair amount of each ingredient (including Jaffa cakes) ready to share. I used 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 as my text.

It went down a storm...thanks again!
Of course I had to admit to one or two parents that it wasn't my idea. Keep 'em coming...


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...


I'm afraid I'm not often so inspired!

I'll try.

Glad to hear it went down well.