Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I am not Dave Gorman

In the rush of the return to the office for the new term I totally forgot to mark the first anniversary of Deep Thought - scary biscuits!

Anyway in honour of the occasion and as I have spotted that quite a few people have recently found the blog by searching for my name (not sure whether to be pleased or freaked by this!) I thought I'd do a quick resume of Deep Thought and its author so far.

My name is Sarah Hamilton.
I am a Christian.
I am a Youth worker.
I am British.
I live in High Wycombe.
I have been in the press because of a Christmas poster the local library wouldn't let us put up. (even in the Korean news!)

I am not
the Sarah Hamilton who works at Exeter University (though from my time in academia we have a few mutual friends and I understand she is a lovely person... just not me!)

I am not
the Sarah Hamilton who has a mathematics website. Scary thought!

I am not
the Sarah Hamilton who was a great coach at a recent holiday camp though I have worked on holiday camps and they never gave me coach of the week. I'm not bitter. Me? No! (hehe!)

I am not
the Sarah Hamilton who plays water polo at college level. ok I can jump around vaguely convincingly (and more often amusingly badly!) in a pool at Yellow Braces and on our youth holiday but... no really??? ... come ON!!!

Nor am I the Sarah Hamilton I was at school with whom I can't find on the internet.


I am the Sarah Hamilton who a year (and two days) ago decided to start writing some vague ponderings and ideas down and who can't believe that this has merited me a place on the first page of google! Though modesty is preserved by the fact that today someone else (with clearly LOTS of time on their hands surely!?!) searched for SARAH on google and I didn't feature until page 85!


Rowan said...

*shakes head* you actually did a search? oh dear sarah! lol. I'm very glad you are none of those sarah's cos I kind of like the one you are :D heh. much love

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr H!
It's me! Hope all's well? And you have forgiven me for the tooth paste incident! (AH that'll get them all wondering!) By the way I found your blog by looking up your name and on the Wanadoo search you come up first! YAY! And hooray! etc, thought you'd like to know!


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Hey sweets!

Tooth paste incident well and truly forgiven!

ok Wanadoo is scary!

See you ever so soon darlin' xx