Monday, September 19, 2005

Oxonian youth network

Well the Oxford Diocesan Full Timers network lived up to it's Oxford name today with a gentle bit of elegant punting...

Firstly we all listened to instructions from Mr Macdonald (looking far too much like a Geography teacher leading a field trip in his ever-so-dapper new jacket!)

Now this makes it look like Simo did LOTS of punting... Not so but then he admits that himself!

Fortunately, Yvonne wasn't with us all the way so she didn't get to see any of the following great moments...

Me nearly falling off the punt because they kept making me laugh (especially Kathryn with her non-working watch)

Our punt driving on of the other punts into the bank - oops Sorry!

A perfect 180 degree turn around ... followed by a bit more of a 90 degree turn around!

Our close encounter of the thorny kind with the brambles at the edge... well we were able to pick some LOVELY blackberries but we didn't need our hair combing THAT closely!

Our punt did SO well that Ian had to pay an extra 15 minutes for us... oh dear... and apparently you could hear our giggling quite a long way off!!

Fabulous day.

Great to meet some of the CYM students based in the diocese and to catch up with some old hands too!


simo said...

I would just like to say in my defence that i did the tricky bit, well the first bit and i must of been there for nearly a minute!

simo said...

Great picture by the way!

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

You look ever so skillful it's true!