Friday, September 16, 2005

Macca my day!

I gave into temptation on Tuesday as I was in Oxford and "just popped" into the HMV store as I walked back to the bus stop after a meeting. This temptation led to the purchase of Paul McCartney's new album. I had hear da few of the tracks and already knew I would love it.

I just have to share with you some of the great lyrics of this great man. I really think he's showing a depth of spirituality on this album.

Fortunately as there are people out there with more time for such things I got these online! You can hear bits of the tracks and see all the lyrics there as well as read an interview with Paul McCartney about the album.

I've selected a few songs and will post these as individual posts.

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bob kelman said...

Sarah, I am a christian of 1 year (!) and was just looking for these lyrics and stumbled upon your site. I agree, I think Maccas new one shows great spirituality, and is on par with his best ever work. I wonder if he intended it that way. Anyway, great reading your posts!