Friday, September 16, 2005

Finding Neverland

Well as I was down yesterday it gave me the perfect opportunity to watch Finding Neverland which I have been wanting to see for ages but which my friend had BANNED me from seeing because it would upset me too much. Yesterday I thought - well... why not?

It was a fabulous film. Yes TISSUES are now on my shopping list and the overall impression of the film is certainly tinged with much sorrow. Yet it is not a depressing film. It is a weepy film but it retains a positive response to the tragic events which are central to much of the story.

Much like the film MILLIONS which I saw early in the summer, and Big Fish from last year, Finding Neverland demonstrates how the use of imagination and creativity can help deal with difficult things in life like death and grieving.

Johnny Depp is just amazing as the real Peter Pan; a mature writer who just refuses to grow up and pretends his dog is a performing bear and plays pirates with four brothers who have lost their father. Obviously Johnny Depp (with delightful Scottish accent) is a bonus for all the female audience but it is in fact his fantastic performance as J. M. Barrie which makes this film as wonderful as it is.

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