Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Scary thought

So the new set of teenagers at the Romance Academy were offered a slightly easier deal than the original twelve. They only had to give up sex for the last remaining month of the scheme.

A month that's not so long is it...??

Well how about two months? Could you give it up for two months??

I'm not talking about sex now... I'm talking about blogging.

COULD you NOT BLOG for two months. I know I could really but I also know I wouldn't WANT to.

Well there is a new phenomenon out there which could force you to do JUST THAT...

Check out the Blog Thunderdome which Peter flagged up. Anyone up for defending Christian/Youthwork blogging's honour by stepping up for this???

I know I'm not - yes I AM A WUSS!! This has never been disputed!!!


dreaming-neko said...

i was able to stop blogging during those 2003-2004 months when i last remembered having a life then :(

it's a sad time.

simo said...

I think i need to focus more on blogging for 2 months!