Wednesday, September 21, 2005

No sex please _We're_ teenagers... you're not!

Watched the final episode of No Sex please we're teenagers yesterday. Again Richard has a good summary. (Update Chris has thoughts too!)

I thought this last episode showed the youth work side of it all much better than the first two episodes did. There was a brilliant example of empowerment as Dan and Rachel got two of the Romance Academy to introduce a new set of teenagers to the concept to abstinence and invited the new group to make the pledge. The fantastic thing was that, although the young leaders had a bit of a stumbling start, they actually got a much better response from their new group and even went into much deeper discussion about "what is sex" than Dan and Rachel had managed with the first group as the leaders wisely acknowledged themselves.

Brilliantly for those of us who are in youth ministry or youth work and don't look quite as young and trendy as Dan and Rachel, the young people showed last night that it doesn't matter how young you are or how young you look as an adult leader you still are, as the teenagers said, "like two hundred years older than us!"

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Annie Porthouse said...

yes, a great series!
small comment re it on my site, 20/9 !