Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Chair in History

I had the delight and the pleasure last week of hosting Rowan and our friend Dave (who I met in Taize two years ago and finally got to know kinda nearly properly this summer!) to a coffee in Wycombe. Unfortunately as Rowan wasn't too well she had to go for a Dr's appointment which left me to show Dave the delights of Wycombe!

He records his reactions to our great local attractions. Though I must tell people that it is so much more than "a museum about somewhere the size of a large teapot "! Shocking slur on Wcyombian heritage.

Anyone else wanting to sample the delights of Hamilton Tours round the town, the church (you nearly mentioned it, Dave!!) and the Wycombe Museum (formerly known as The Chair Museum and visited by me as a primary school pupil EVERY YEAR!!!) should make enquiries via the comments section!

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