Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Beetroot in my pocket

Great meeting at the24-7 prayer initiative called the Boiler Room in Reading with the Oxford Diocesan Youth Network. Andy Freeman told us all about the way the Bolier Room developed from a weekend long prayer event with his young people. Now they have a permanent centre which they are developing to include a music centre, an art studio and lots of different prayer rooms. He then led us in a reflaction including beetroots (so we could reflect on our own roots) and seeds so we could think about all those seeds we, as youth workers, plant in young people. I found the prayer time really empowering and connecting. It was much in the style of the Xp worship we do at All Saints with the young people (one this saturday in fact!) but of course I'm normally leading that so my experience is a bit different. Today reassured me that the style we use really does help people conect to God.

I then had to rush over to Iain Rennie at Tring for the Chrysalis Club meeting to review the feedback we had received from the volunteers, parents and children.Once again some glowing praise for the Sport and Parachute sessions so I was rather chuffed! However it was rather funny when I realised that I still had the beetroot in my pocket!

Think about where I started with this post though, Andy went from a 24-7 prayer weekend to a full time growing project?

Be warned - when you plant seeds they grow!

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