Friday, June 17, 2005


I just can't resist joining the throng of those playing the latest google based game which I've christened Whoogle but it was Tim's idea!

For those of you who've missed the pics on Tim and Pete's blogs, the "rules" are simple:

You type the name of a person you know into the google image search
You pick one of the pictures on the first (or perhaps second!) page
You post the picture along with the person's name
People see the post and hopefully smile (or maybe even laugh!!!)


KT said...

I know the idea isn't that you Whoogle yourself, but I wanted to be prepared for something embaressing. But I'm not a Whoogle. I don't exist out there :-( Not with any permuation of my real name anyway.

Tho my initials (or at least my most condensed name) seems to be a map of switzerland!


Mark Berry said...

Just so you don't feel left out Sarah.. this is your Whoogle (from the second page)