Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Walk the walk

Very exciting news today that our youth group in July will spend some time watching Live8 on a large screen, some time playing out in the sunshine and some time desigining a mural. This is all thanks to the High Wycombe CofE School combined who are hosting us and letting us help the children of the school design a mural in their playground as part of the Fresh Noise Project.

Of course that's all the fun element of Live8 but there's a serious side too.

So if you want the governments of the world to take this all seriously what can you do?

Well of course you can go to the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY site for inspiration where you'll find out how to get a white band to raise awareness. That means that you don't just wear it but you TALK to people about WHY you're wearing it! You can also put one on your blog or other website!

Well you can sign the list RIGHT NOW .

However there is also going to be a safer alternative to joining the masses at Edinburgh in person. You're going to be able to send your PICTURE to be pinned up along the fences to show how many people WOULD be there if they could. What a great idea, eh? Check out for more details soon.


Miz said...

does adding the word fresh to the noise change it in some way!!! i do hope so... it all sounds v.encouraging!

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Fresh is our local network. Follow the link!