Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mille Failte

Went to see the new film Millions with my dad yesterday.

It is a wonderful observation of two brothers, one a young, sweet, kind, charitable lad and the other a bit of a mercernary, cool, materialistic, lovable rogue.

The exploration of the very different ways the two deal with the death of their mother and the discovery of a great deal of money is wonderful and full of lessons to thoe working with young people. One of the boys has very material aspirations and the other is so un-like his brother that actually he faces issues of exclusion.

The appearance of various saints to guide the young boy along his way is also a great idea and St Nicholas talking in Latin was just an amazing bonus for this ex-medievalist!

I'd really recommend it as a must see. It made me smile and made me cry (yeah, yeah I know what a wuss!) and yet I came out feeling the world was full of hope.

It's not only the concept of the film but also the execution of it which is fascinating. The film is set just before Christmas and yet the skies are blue, the sun shines, flowers are brightly coloured and the school playground is full of huge colourful balls. The way the film cuts from one scene to another is just delightful. It may be cheesy but I really liked it. I heard the director talking on the radio about it and he said this reflected the way that children view the world as an amazing place full of colour and flavour.

In order to enter the kingdom of heaven you must become like little children... oh so true! :oD

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