Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back on the blog

Apologies for the light posting recently...

I've been on leave and my laptop died so I've not been anywhere near a PC which has been, I'm sorry to say, FABULOUS!

So what have you missed?

Great weekend with SAOMC on the subject of Marriage.

Wonderful service celebrating the ordination of my friend (and predecessor in my current post) Pete.

Cool barbecue with lots of people I care about including lots of giggles, good food, cute little chinese lanterns, some mean croquet, FAR too many balloons for sensible adults, 8 litres of Pimms, 36 pints of beer and now LOTS of empty bottles :D

Then a great lazy day of some light tidy up and a girly day in Reading with Pauline and Ami including the successful purchase of a dress for this wedding I'm going to in October.

Then today... purchase of new laptop (being collected tomorrow) coffee with Ian M and a view of my article in Perspectives - my name in print again - whooohooo! - and the last session of term with SAOMC on Human Development int he first half and Death and Resurrection in the Old Testament themes. The sessions were both pretty cool with good discussions in each involving lots of people (though still not everyone there - you know who you are sweetie!).

and tomorrow?

Back to work.

8 am Eucharist!

Oh boy!

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simo said...

Are you sure 8 litres of pimms and 36 pints of bear is good for you in one session?