Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You must become like young children...

Fantastic moment of the older and wiser learning from those younger than them this evening.

Our church has a new structure for the dreaded anglican institution which is the SUB COMMITTEE...

We've decided that ALL the groups (now task groups not committees) should meet AT THE SAME TIME in the same building and then all PCC members come together at the end of the evening if anything needs official processing.

This structure not only shows up how some people do LOTS of things instead of focussing on a particular ministry and rather challenges them to CHOOSE but it also frees up other evenings for teaching, discipling or social activities.

Yet the best bit for me this evening was the fact that the Youth Council and Youth Leaders' group has merged to produce the new YOUTH TASK GROUP. This task group was the only one to have DRINKS (a hot evening in a poorly ventilated hall!), BISCUITS (do they NEED any justification?) and a laptop for the minutes!

The vicar loved the way we worked so much (0r was it the biscuits and drinks??) that he stayed with us for quite a while when he was supposed to be "floating" from group to group.

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