Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Youthy Work

Interesting session in the Human Development course last ngiht. We reached adolescence and early adulthood. Some strong indications that actually I may NOT yet have reached early adulthood but am in fact still an adolescent (doing lots of things at once on a computer, being eager to get that new Coldplay album, thrill seeking through dangerous sports). When someone pointed out that there ARE some people who continue this adolescent tendency (passion, shall we say to make ourselves feel better?) through jobs which basically involve "play", peopel began to suggest career types that do that including geek programmers, I added "Oh and youthworkers!" Someone else just hastily added "No, they don't!" :oO It was funny! I don't think that person knows what I do for a living.

Anyway there was an excellent discussion about mimetic desire (especially good for all thos of you reading Kenda Creasey Dean's, Practicing Passion) and how this leads to the need for ministers to act as a role model for people in their relationship with God. Charles also said a brilliant thing about LOVE:

"Love is in the gift of the giver and its economy is completely anarchic... love is not a bargain. To talk about rights, you've missed the whole point!"

A great concept to help people deal with the whole unrequitted love, rejection deal or with young people for the now oh so ubiquitous "U R Dmped" text.

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