Monday, October 03, 2005

Youth Ministry, Youth Work or Youth Colonisation?

Unfortunately I've been laid up with a horrible lurgy all day but Ben M (of d3parture, RIP) drew my attention to this article by Pete Ward over at Youth Specialties. [This really is blogging by stealth, Ben!]

In all honesty I've only skimmed it barely through my horible headache but, as Ben sugested, I think it does speak to the Ministry/work debate. I'll read it when my head is less fuzzy and then comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, don't thuink we ever met, but you seem to have a link from my blog (eden) on your webpage. Are you happy for me to add yours to mine?

just been checking out a few pics on your blog. i noticed the ones of you at the REM concert and you're sitting next to a guy I know - Mark Loring - how bizarre

anyway, thought i'd just say hi, and would be interested in maybe catching up sometime.

Oh by the way, i hope you feel better soon,


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...


Yes of course you can add me - you had a link to the marvellous harvest resource so I just had to link to you on my bloglines. I hope you didn't mind.

How bizarre that you know Mark - I only met him that day (friend of a friend!)

I was feeling a bit better but worse for going back to work! Thanks for hoping otherwise!