Saturday, October 08, 2005

Second Aid

Can't believe I forgot to blog about what happened on Friday afternoon. I was just walking home from work around 4.30pm and as I was going along the high street a man crumpled and collapsed on the pavement ahead of me. The whole First Aid deal kicked in and as people gathered around and panicked in a communal fashion I checked that he was breathing (he had conveniently landed in an approximation of the reovery position) and as his colour was good I called for an ambulance and actually got to use FOR REAL (not just as practice at the St John's Ambulance training centre!) the phrase "I have an unconscious breathing casualty"! It is a terrible thing but I was so THRILLED to be able to use what I had learned and handle the situation calmly. The man came to within a minute and was up and talking and by the time the most speedy ambulance arrived he was pretty much fully communicative so I checked with the ambulance crew that I could leave them to it and went on my way! It felt really good!

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simo said...

What a hero, i really must sort out some first aid training!