Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dave Walker... Cartoon Guy

Simo has endeavoured to raise the profile of our own living legend Dave Walker and get his name a little higher in the Dave Walker listings in Google.

I mean he is THE Dave Walker from the Church Times.

He is THE Dave Walker who did that thing about the Windsor report.

He is THE Dave Walker responsible for Yoofwork resources.

He is THE Dave Walker who did the Guide to Greenbelt


He is THE Dave Walker who got mentioned (not by me but by a colleague who hasn't met THE Dave Walker) at the All Saints' Core Leadership meeting because of his cartoon on rotas.

Obviously as being on page one of the Sarah Hamiltons on Google (as I've mentioned before) I only feel it's fair to raise the profile of someone MUCH more worthy than me, namely THE DAVE WALKER, cartoonist, Christian and, oh darn it, just an all round nice guy!!!


simo said...

Ah but you are only forth where as if you look up Simon Faulks you will see i hit the number three spot along with 4, 5 and 7 although admittedly these are not necessarily all helpful in finding me but the first one is!

Dave said...

Thanks Sarah - you're too kind really.