Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Burns Night or the Conversion of St Paul??!!

So a bit of a mixed day really. The church celebrates the conversion of St Paul and the more Caledonian parts of the world celebrate the wonderful Robbie Burns.

Well tonight my best beloved is coming round and preparing Haggis, neeps and tatties (early, as I have a meeting tonight). This is traditionally accompanied by some poet from the great man himself and though I am normally inclined to go for a bit of The mouse, I think the following is rather more appropriate:

Love for Love

Ithers seek they ken na what,
Features, carriage, and a' that;
Gie me love in her I court,
Love to love maks a' the sport.

Let love sparkle in her e'e;
Let her lo'e nae man but me;
That's the tocher-gude I prize,
There the luver's treasure lies.

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