Monday, January 09, 2006

Benefits of youth ministry...

So I'm dragging a fine toothed-comb through my annual reportffor our youthwork trust and converting it to a shorter version for the church annual reports and because I'm just doing fiddly little bits of spacing, formatting, spelling, etc., I thought I could do so with the TV on and what was there on but the fabulous programme, The Unteachables. I loved this show when I caught a bit of it before but being as I'm often out in the evenings I didn't see all of the series. It's all about a group of young people who have been considered "problems" and who cannot or will not engage with the education system and the fantastic teachers who engage them in a special program to bring out their latent abilities. Phil Beadle, the main teacher is just SUPERB. He's a youthworker who's also a teacher. I think my favourite moment so far was when he introduced them to the rules. The first rule was "no chewing" and so he got several of them to get rid of their gum. The next rule was one of those moments that made me wish I had the guts to do that! He got them ALL to lean back on their chairs SO FAR that they fell over just to show them how much it hurt. THEN he said, "It hurts. It's dangerous so don't do it, alright?" Marvellous!

I know I'm kinda late in linking to this great site but it has some great tests and features. There are videos made by young people about their experiences of education and there are also some quizzes which help you discover your learning style.

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EasyRew said...

I also missed the programme the first time round, but loved the teasers/trailers I managed to see. I was pleased to see it repeated this morning (and be able to watch it). What a fantastic programme.

FYI - the next three parts are on Channel 4 from 10:20-11:10am for the next three days (Tues 10th, Wed 11th, Thurs 12th).

Sadly, I'll be at work, but will record them if I remember how to work the video ;o)