Thursday, January 19, 2006

Importance of being silly

I had a silly moment this afternoon when transporting something to the vicarage for David's planned Candlemas service. One of our children's work team had been tidying the children's cupboard and had found just what we were looking for - a doll baby - to be part of a crib scene when we focus on Jesus beign taken to the temple and meeting Simeon and Anna. All very good, alternative, fresh expressionsy stuff planned. So what do I do? I put said baby in my handbag to transport to the vicarage and as I'm walking along ALL I can think of is The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde:

Jack: Actually, I was found.
Lady Bracknell: Found?
Jack: Uh, yes, I was in... a handbag.
Lady Bracknell: A handbag? (Act III, Part Two)
So there I am walking along with a little baby arm poking out from my handbag and sniggering and grinning to myself - it's a miracle I wasn't taken in somewhere!!!

Hmmmm The Importance of Being Earnest...

...didn't that have Colin Firth in it? Oh yes ! Hurrah!


simo said...

I have to say I’m a little worried about how far you are planning on taking this tableau/enactment of Jesus presentation at the temple?

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

We decided against sacrificing two pigeons... tho there was talk of those cuddly birds that make the right noise whic the RSPB now sell!!!